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Joseph Tootoosis

Joseph Tootoosis is a proud member of Canoe Lake Cree First Nation in northern Saskatchewan, and was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2013 with a B.A. in Political Studies, and plans on returning to studies in law at the University of British Columbia this fall. Joseph has been .
working for Flying Dust First Nation as the Community Planning Coordinator since October of 2015. Flying Dust First Nation was part of a group of First Nations in the Saskatchewan Region that engaged in a pilot project called the Community Development Initiative (CDI), and in the process Joseph was hired to lead the community engagement and planning process . The main responsibilities in his role are the completion of the First Nation’s CCP (Comprehensive Community Plan), LUP (Land Use Plan), and Land Use Laws. The CCP process in Flying Dust has helped to streamline its membership engagement for legislative initiatives like the band’s Membership/Citizenship Act, Election Act, and now the drafting of its own Constitution. These initiatives along with the community planning process are helping Flying Dust First Nation take further steps in the self-government process; economic development projects like Flying Dust’s partnership with SaskPower, and the management of its corporate entity, FDB Holdings, are paving the way towards greater self-determination for Flying Dust and its people